Annual Open House 2022

Wednesday 2 November - Friday 4 November

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The Annual FANUC UK Open House offers visitors an all access pass to the UK facility of this global leader.

Hosted at our UK headquarters at Ansty Park, Coventry, the 2022 Open House will host a series of talks, panel discussions and interviews with some of the leading lights in British industry, tackling the most pressing issues facing UK manufacturers:

  • Upskilling your workforce
  • The outlook of automation in UK manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0 and digital transformation

We will also welcome an extensive array of exhibitors and partners from the across the world of automation. In addition to hosting the WorldSkills UK final for industrial robotics.

I look forward to seeing you all this November!

Tom Bouchier – Managing Director, FANUC UK

What’s on?

The Annual FANUC UK Open House will take place Wednesday 2 – Friday 4 November.

Visitors will be able to see FANUC’s latest technology, including its world-leading range in industrial and collaborative robots, machining centres and plastic injection moulding machines, alongside a range of guest exhibitors displaying a wide variety of automation applications.

Expect hands on robot training, live demonstrations and insights from some of the leading lights in British industry.

Wednesday 2 November
Thursday 3 November
Friday 4 November

Meet the exhibitors

Find out more about the companies exhibiting at the Open House in November 2022, below.

Take a look at our automation cells

Visitors to Open House will be able to experience a broad range of real-world industrial automation systems, condensed into compact demonstration cells.


  • R-2000iC and Arc Mate 100iD Flexible Welding Demo - Showcasing dual-arm technology and coordinated motion this demonstrates a flexible jig less welding solution.
  • P-40iA Paint Demo - Simulated painting of a fuel tank utilising coordinated motion
  • Kicker Cell - Test your skills against the robot in a game of table football. This demo utilises FANUC’s iRVision for location of the ball before calculating the angle required for the shot.
  • Loop Technology's toolkit of agile automated assembly end effectors delivers the high-level of precision and accuracy required for processes that demand speed, quality, and reliability. The demo is their sealant applicator with in-built vision system for target location and quality inspection, and automated cartridge changeover.
  • R-1000iA Spot Welding Demo - Exhibiting unrivalled system uptimes and maximum performance, the R-1000iA is a welding specialist that is ideally suited to multi-robot cells. It delivers top productivity and provides the core to the fastest spot welding cells on the market.
  • Loading and unloading billets to a Doosan CNC, using Mills CNC proprietary SYNERGi software and SYNERGi automated machine tending solution.
  • The cell consists of of: several Schunk grippers with different finger geometry, pneumatic vices with quick change jaws system, tool changersenabling flexibility in handling different workpieces. The cell is operated by a FANUC LR Mate 200iD, cell is demonstrating operations like: auto jaw change, loading and unloading the workpieces, tool changing, gripping and clamping of the workpieces.
  • FANUC i-Tend allows for a continuous feed of product to your ROBODRILL. Up to 6 trays of product can be loaded into the tray stacking system ready for presenting to the 6-axis robot for de-palletizing. This cost-effective tending cell increases the productivity of your machinery allowing for lights out operation.
  • IoT ZDT Demo - A live demonstration of our Zero Down Time software which is designed to eliminate down time and enhance overall robot performance. While FANUC robots are highly reliable, manufacturers still need a solution to maximize uptime.
  • Hyperion™ Flexlase is a high-quality, compact, modular laser processing machine. The characteristics of the fibre fed solid state range of lasers results in higher quality welding and cutting along with faster speeds when compared to other solutions.
  • LR Mate 200iD/7L Force Control Demo - The LR Mate 200iD/7L using force sensing technology. FANUC Force Sensors allow our robots the ability to sense applied force in multiple directions. Force sensitive tasks such as assembly, fitting and weighing applications as well as deburring and polishing can be automated with the highly sensitive force control achievable through this fully integrated intelligent option.
  • M-20iD/35 DCS Demo - This demonstrates how our Dual Check Safety software can allow for the creation of collaborative workspaces. Programmed using our new tablet teach pendant, our drag and drop programming interface makes programming quick and simple
  • WorldSkills Industrial Robotics - the finalists for the robot integration skill will be on hand to support visitors wishing to attempt the qualifying task from this year's cycle.
  • A bespoke solution in a standard format, Robopod Screw provides the ultimate platform for your screwing application. Equipped with a Deprag automated driver system and Fanuc robot, the Pod can then be configured with a rotary table, drawer system or through conveyor giving complete flexibility for standalone or integrated operation.
  • DR-3iB/8L and SR-12iA Line tracking demo - iRPicktool visual line tracking technology provides multiple robots with human-like eye-hand coordination skills, enabling them to measure, sort and pick loose parts on a moving conveyor using an integrated vision system. Line tracking is ideal for picking and packing operations.


  • Cyber-Weld’s mobile welding system using FANUC’s CRX simplifies programming for the end user and allows flexibility within the work space.
  • CRX-25iA Palletising Demo - The new CRX-25iA is being showcased for the first time in the UK in this palletising solution.
  • QTE-200 SG with Ez LOADER 10 QTE-200 SG • Mazak’s new entry level turning centre with high performance capabilities • High-performance and high-accuracy • Compact floor space • Innovative SmoothEz CNC with 15” touch screen • Competitively priced • QTE can be configured with individual options as well as option packages Ez LOADER 10 with Fanuc CRX-10iA collaborative robot • Manual guided teaching Vision sensor & contact stop safety function
  • CRX-5iA Robot Waiter - On show for the first time in the UK, the smallest member of the CRX family will be serving soft drinks aided by an iRVision 3DV sensor.
  • TT100D – Cobot Tilt and Turn component positioner, allows for simultaneous coordination of all axis by precise control direct from the robot controller.
  • CRX-10iA Robodrill QSSR - The QSSR (Quick & Simple Start-up of Robotization) is a complete package that simplifies the connection of a FANUC robot to a ROBODRILL, including setup, programming, and operation. QSSR makes it simple to automate a machine tending process by implementing a variety of standard components and options
  • Zimmer's demo cell showcases the latest in robotic handling technology. We provide a vast range of components and complete system solutions to customers across many industries. We provide ready integrated gripper solutions specific to FANUC industrial and collaborative robots to help get customers into production quickly and easily.
  • BizLink presents our visitors robotic cables as well as the reliable LSH 3 robot retract system with a maximum flexibility for dress pack routing and reduced volume, overall weight and length. Moreover, with BizLink B-Flex Cobot we offer a flexible and slip-resistant solution for attaching components and dress packs to lightweight and collaborative robots.


  • 3-axis micro-machining of an alloy-steel component. With holes ranging from 0.1mm diameter, this ROBODRILL demonstrates its capability to cut small features with precision and efficiency.
  • Simultaneous 5-axis machining of a scaled world-cup trophy and 3-axis machining of a desk-top clock. With a direct-drive 5-axis table and secondary 3-axis table position, this ROBODRILL demonstrates a flexible, highly productive and small footprint machining solution.
  • 4-axis machining of a medium-carbon steel component using the latest functionalized cutting techniques. Equipped with a FANUC DDRT trunnion table for multi-face machining, indexing time is ultra-fast and non-cutting time is reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Featuring an ultra-compact S200 Filtermist oil mist filter, the demister is designed to demonstrate how Filtermist units remove oil mist from machine tool enclosures. A perspex enclosure is filled with water vapour, the S200 is activated and runs for 20 seconds - completely clearing the vapour from the enclosure.

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